Hints and tips

Import and use SVG filters in Adobe Illustrator

Tips for Import and use of SVG filters in Adobe Illustrator. Free SVG filters "Salt & Pepper, Sandy Noise" - as texture generators ...

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SVG testcase - Noise filter Vs. Pattern filter Vs. Pattern

This test case is focused on creation and use of noise patterns in SVG by 3 different ways. Free source codes and samples are included ...

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Retina ready

Majority of the images (plus all PREMIUM items) are provided in multiple dimensions with the exception of SVG files. That means, by downloading an item you will get the same image in two files (e.g. icon.png 32 x 32 px and icon2x.png 64 x 64 px).

Of course, having image in multiple sizes is realy not enough to have Retina ready website. There is a lot of tutorials, techniques how to prepare content for Retina displays on the internet. Here is few, simple, cross-browser tips and examples, how you should use images provided on our site:

SVG file is vector based format, so you can set any size without losing quality. Recommended: e.g. 35 x 35 (1:1), 70 x 70, 105 x 105 px etc. Ratio value 1:1 is mentioned for every item.

How to use svg in html

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is amazing image format. It is very handy for creation of modern responsive websites. You can set any dimension without losing quality. Click "Read more" to see how to add SVG files/code to a webpage.

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How to change colours of SVG graphics

SVG graphics provided on our site are prepared precisely, optimized and most of all CSS styled. You don't need to use graphic editor for small changes like ...

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Retina ready background images

Background images are provided in multiple dimensions on our site. You can use only one "bigger" image and set its displayed size to half or use multiple images and set different sources for non-Retina and Retina devices. Click "Read more" to see two cross-browser CSS solutions.

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Retina ready icons

As for background images we are also providing icons in multiple dimensions. However, we recommend to use our SVG icons. In the case of using raster type icons (e.g. png), the solution is similar to background images. Click "Read more" to see cross-browser CSS solutions.

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