Mate Rio - Material design Admin template

based on Materialize CSS framework


Mate Rio - multipurpose, user friendly admin template created with modern, responsive framework Materialize CSS, which is based on Google material design language. Admin template works on all major web browsers and is ready for any device (desktops, tablets or phones). Full list of Features below. Mate Rio admin template is part of Premium membership, which also includes other templates, icons, stock photos, animated banners and other features. Premium membership cost only 19$/year.


Latest release

3. 4. 2018

- updated Chart.js to version 2.7.2
- added Chart.js samples
- added CSS masonry layout
- added Gapein.js gallery


- Based on Materialize CSS
- Google Material Design
- Responsive and fully customizable
- Built with Sass
- Cross Browser and Retina ready

- Responsive grid system
- Masonry layout
- Color palette and Typography
- Google Icon Fonts
- Smart helper Classes

- Buttons, Badges, Chips
- Cards, Media elements
- Accordions, Collections, Tables
- Navigation Bar, Breadcrumbs, Pagination
- Preloaders, Indicators
- Modals, Toast Notifications, Tooltips

- Input fields with validation
- Multi file upload
- Custom Radio and Checkboxes
- Range slider
- Datepicker
- Input Character Counter

Account, Login, Register, Forgot Password, Gallery

Additional JS:
- Chart.js
- Justified Gallery
- Count To
- Simple Bar
- Prism
- Gapein.js